Bottled up feelings
lost my chance

i lost my chance. she was perfect. anything and everything about her was perfect. i waited too long and now shes gone. in the arms of another man. and now i get to sit here and watch. yeeeaaahhh. i fucked up.

Not feeling myself

Lately, i feel like i have been going through so many life changes. with you being my girlfriend, i thought you’d be there or me, or even make me feel better. however, youre not and you dont. you go off and do your own things and never look back. i am an independent person, but you expect this of me, so why cant i expect it of you? this weekend, i felt single with a side of guilty conscience. its stupid cuz i would have never felt like this before. i dont know, its pretty stupid. people always tell me that i seem really unhappy with you, and i dont know what it is, but im waiting for you to step up your game as a girlfriend.

i think about you way too much

youre on my mind all the time. we talk everyday. i miss you when we’re apart. i count the seconds until i see you again. i write your name over and over. youre perfect in every way

but im already taken.

"next lifetime" - erykah badu

Smothering me

when you hit me up every now and then, its cool. but when you say, “i miss you” ALL the fucking time, its annoying. you need to calm down. something i really need you to let me breathe. we haven’t been together that long and sometimes i just need a break from you. you always try to take me away from my friends and family. annoyin much ? ugh. seriously, if i knew you were going to be this clingy, i would have dropped you a long time ago.